This is the latest CD Release. Riley and I would love it if you would bye a copy for your blues collection. This CD is all Riley and Hills with a visit from John McKinley on Not Gonna Hootchie Coo.
Hope you enjoy.

Cheers Hills

The Jamblasters: Big Ball Of Blues


Swampland is a collaboration with friends of the Jamblasters and their music.
Hills and Riley, while they were coming up with this newer and more commercially viable sound, extended an invitation to these great musicians.

Peter Polfuss :Keys and Bass on Swampland, Let Me Hustle
Wally Horn :Lead Guitar on Swampland, Work Booze and Broads.
John McKinley :Lead Guitar On Movin and Shakin, Fall Down Hard, White Water
The DW King :Drums on Blind Faith, Fall Down Hard, White Water, Work Booze and Broads,
Harbinger, Let me Hustle, Don’t Need

We look at this collaboration as a homage to the London Sessions ( Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf) and hope you do too. We (the Jamblasters) truly hope you enjoy these tracks as much as we did creating them.

The artwork for the CD was done by: Brandon Stupica.

The songs were recorded and engineered by Hilliard Walter.

Riley and Hilliard produced the CD together.

Swampland was finally mastered by Chris Vargas.

The Jamblasters: Swampland

The copy for sale here is a limited edition. There will only be 1000 copies sold,it is a red label recording from the original analog tapes to digital master. Even though it is recorded on a CDR it is still a Lab quality recording.

The 1997 CD Living The Blues is packaged and up for sale. The artwork is finished, the CD Baby account is set up and the first batch of CD’s are sitting on the shelf. The songs are remastered and sound extraordinary. Some of you have asked for a copy of the CD, so Riley and I went to the measures of digging up the original master and had it duplicated. I think you will find the audio quality far superior to the free CD we offer at for free. You are still welcome to download the CD but Everyone who has purchased the CD has raved about the sound quality. So if you do purchase the CD, a BIG thanks from the Jamblasters! Jamblasters released their debut in 1997 for radio play only. Riley Waters met Hills while recording his Skeeks and the Jazz Jam Album at the Gate studios in 1989. The studio recommended Hills for vocal tracks for the project. Riley knew he had found the Voice. It was the sound Riley was looking for to take his music to the level he envisioned. With tracks like Dreamin Reality Blues, and Last Time I Knew Nuthing the Jamblasters were sure to take their place in the Blues community. Jamblasters hold a place in the hearts of the true blues enthusiasts everywhere. With the loss of one of The Jamblasters members to a drunk driver the band stopped what it was doing until now. Riley and Hills are back at it. The Jamblasters have armed themselves with Peter Polfuss, a talented musician who plays many instruments for the band. Wally Horn, one of Canada’s finest blues guitar players and Ralph Boegli, who was working, writing and drumming with Hills and their group Little Loco, which disbanded in 2006. Keep an eye out for the 2008 release with the musicians named above. We’ll keep you posted! With tracks like White Water, inspired by BB King himself, and Swampland, the Jamblasters have truly proven that age of a person only enhances the blues!