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September 9th, 2009 by hills

Well the page is undergoing some changes at the moment. The jamblasters would like to say sorry for not keeping some of you in the loop. Riley and Hills have resorted to working on a smaller perspective and not rely on a band for it’s identify. We of course will be working with some of the same musicians we have worked with in the past such as Peter Polfuss.

We put a year into trying to get a band together and have found that at our age it is harder to get a group of people to want to work towards one goal. At our age everyone wants music to go in the direction they feel is a winning combination. Riley and I have truly found where we feel the music should go mutually and have decided that the people that are bying and listening must like it for that reason. Yes a new CD is almost complete and soon Hellhounds will have a video.

If you are wondering where the musician’s Bio page has gone? we are reworking it . Hope to have some new music soon!

Cheers Hills

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